Niki van Strien



The sculptures invite you to think about an old table, indigo blue, silk, capeverdian lava stones, Kenyan paranuts, lapis lazurus, balsa wood,

a mark.

In spectating, one is asked to explore the dynamics between human subjects and autonomous objects, to reinvest the relations between words and things.

It asks the viewer to engage with the scope of the object world in which we live.

Although the works bare many fragmental elements, they are closed chapters non the less in which, often trough repetition, wonder is physically manifested.

The work asks questions rather than answering them and even then van Strien shows clearly that both question and answer are more insinuated than actually stated.

In a light manner she touches on subjects that can then resonate in visual associations, this as a material and tangible metaphor for her own method of working